For English Speaker in Aichi Prefecture, Japan


Soccer Lessons in English

Coached by the staff of the Bobby Charlton Soccer and Sports Academy.

AREA : Aichi Prefecture, Japan (Nagoya and the surrounding area)

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ACC Soccer Academy

We launch a new joint venture "ACC Soccer Academy" with Bobby Charton Soccer and Sports Academy (BCSSA) in Manchester, United Kingdom.

All soccer lessons are coached in English by the F.A. qualified coaches of the BCSSA. They will teach you the skills needed to improve your game in a fun and relaxing environment.

[Photo] Hekinan Waterfront Park[Photo] Primary school student class

A chance for Japanese children to improve Soccer and English skills and for Englsih speakers to train with native speaking coach from the BCSSA.

Bobby Charlton Soccer and Sports Academy

Bobby Charlton Soccer and Sports Academy is a famed soccer school in United Kingdom.

It is well-knowned that David Beckham started his career with BCSSA.

Link : Bobby Charlton Soccer and Sports Academy Official Website

Sir Bobby Charlton and David Beckham (Photo by BCSSA)David Beckham (Photo by BCSSA)

2011 Summer Residential2011 Summer Residential

Soccer Courses

Weekday Classes

Class / Age Time Note
5-6 years old 16:00〜 60min

Once / Twice

per week


Primary School

7-8 years old 17:00〜 or 17:30〜  
9-10 years old 18:30〜 90min  
11-12 years old

Training Field

Block Area Training Field
A Nagoya and the surrounding area. Meitestu Central Fitness Club Ozone
B Okazaki Clover International School

Hekinan, Takahama, Nishio, Okazaki
Handa, Tokoname, Chita, Agui


[Photo] Primary School Student Class[Photo] Primary school student class

Contact Us

ACC碧南本校 ACC English School
ACC Soccer Academy (English support desk)

  Business Hours (Mon-Fri) 3:00p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  Head Office Genjishinmei252, Hekinan City, Aichi
  TEL 0566-42-2332
  FAX 0566-42-7731
  E-Mail (広告など特定電子メール厳禁)

Hekinan 252 Genjishinmei-cho, Hekinan City 0566-42-2332 MAP Head Office
Nagoya SK Plaza Gokiso 2F, 3-18 Gokiso-Dori,Showa ward, Nagoya City 052-858-3711 MAP
Kariya 3-507 Takakura-cho, Kariya City 0566-25-3266 MAP  
Nishio 4-60 Takabatake, Nishio City 0563-54-0718 MAP  
Toyoake 13-2 Shimabara, Toyoake City 0562-95-5160 MAP